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30 August 2010

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HP today announced UGG Ultra Tall Boots 5245 that, in the people’s network, hosted by the first low-carbon Forum Organizing Committee of China Hewlett-Packard was awarded the 2010 year “carbon China brand” in the title. The award recognizes Hewlett-Packard on low carbon economic development have made an outstanding contribution. The current low-carbon forum delve low-carbon economy in China’s rapid economic growth to the important role that many government officials, representatives of multinational corporations as well as China’s authoritative media attended the Forum.

HP aims to 2011 product energy consumption in 2005, based on 40% lower to 2013 company operations carbon footprint than the 20% reduction in 2005. By optimizing resources, build intelligent infrastructure and promote sustainable change, HP is committed to helping change the world, work and connections. Established 25 years ago, China Hewlett-Packard has always adhered to the Chinese market and user’s commitment to full implementation of low-carbon strategy, while actively to latitude group and Lite group is representative of many local suppliers, promotion of international best practices.

China Hewlett-Packard, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Government Affairs, Alan young, said: from 1939 Hewlett Packard, corporate social responsibility is deeply rooted in the values of HP. 70 years, we will always place the business objectives and social and environmental impacts are closely connected, ‘ to become a global corporate citizen ‘ commitment to promote us to achieve a higher moral standards, social contributions and corporate responsibility. HP has been working in low-carbon development aspects UGG Boots, and to adhere to the corporate responsibility practice and cutting-edge technology into the Chinese market. The current low-carbon forum for us and Chinese enterprises and Government cooperation provides a good opportunity to promote China’s low carbon economic development goals.

HP China Academy of science and technology innovation; Dr. how by measuring the energy consumption, increased resource utilization, and replaced by energy-intensive process and other means to promote sustainable economic growth. King Dean said: the current IT industry in greenhouse gas emissions, global greenhouse gas emissions by 2%, but it helps to reduce the remaining 98% of greenhouse gas emissions have enormous potential. In real life, the imbalance between supply and demand are normal, and science and technology, there are changes or reform of existing energy-intensive industries of infinite potential.

HP is the world’s largest information technology company, with the industry’s broadest range of supply chain, labor and social security, employee rights, and environmental protection company. Only in 2009, HP’s recycling and reuse of the 360 000 hardware. In the same year, HP inkjet printers are using recycled materials sales in 2007 increased three times and reduced landfill waste 88.8%, achieved one year ahead of the earlier set of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission reduction targets 2010 Hewlett-Packard operations and products of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, a reduction of 25% in 2005 Cheap MBT Shoes sale.

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