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16 September 2010

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In view of cheap MBT Shoes the characteristics of the development of the land level, the Government agency does not cleanly. Chen Yunfeng to national business news reporter said that the level of development of the most difficult part lies in the removal, in the process, the Government’s efficiency is high. Historically, parts of the ongoing conflicts from demolition, and gradually evolved into a social phenomenon. Chen Yunfeng said the demolition costs make up the level of development costs, demolition compensation are two sides to agree on the most difficult to place. At the same time, evictions, enterprises often face a number of “State of the building.”

He said that at MBT Shoes the level of the development process, the role of government agencies are “delicate”. If the Government completely exit, enterprises will face development costs and the risk of the development progress; if the Government direct operation, is not conducive to fair competition in the market. In a lot of people in the industry, government agencies and will not completely exit the market at the level of development, but rather take Beijing State operations, development of the “dominant.” Reporters also found that the Ministry of land and natural resources sector, stressed that “not directly engaged in the” land market development, but not completely exit.

At the end of last year, the Beijing Municipal administrative Bureau announced that the land level and development would be determined by the Government as the main investment, enterprise implementation. Beijing State Secretary Weiss grows into a forest has said that the Government-led development of the land level, the costs will be lower than the enterprise operation 1/3. In accordance with the provisions of the Beijing Municipal Government-led land level development model: Government to the Bank for credit, loans for demolition compensation, since then, has been commissioned by the enterprises of the land, and on the basis of regional planning and economic development of land use, and through open market price. Zou Xiaoyun, said the Government development and governmental organizations to develop a different concepts, at least in the present circumstances, the Government Organization’s level of development more efficient ugg boots on sale.

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