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26 September 2010

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Mackey and Mark this time – Jackson looked at me and Geely Jarno, their meaning is clear,ugg boots on sale, but Iím not interested in this: Geely Jarno a little nervous, raise a little shoulder, said: However, at this time do not observe the auspicious Arnold, Iverson suddenly opened his wings, no, you know what I mean. I mean, when Iverson the ball, opened a huge range of basketball is like wings.
This guy waving his two wings, gave their opponents a clear message, I want to break through, I want to break, I break, and then only then can choose Wade left or right.
Very simple choice, but also difficult. Iversonís body in a slight jitter, wings to fly, his every jitter may represent a new direction every time he pulled the ball is so light.
Jitter, pull the ball, a special rhythm. Suddenly, a bit of a mistake of God Wade, Iverson is like pulling his own light Heavy Expanded Metal †and fast, like basketball rushed up toward the basket, is right, this is Wade final thoughts.
When he completely turned around, Iverson has been cut to the basket, and Grant clearly against the then high throw.
Basketball in!
76 bench immediately cheered, McKee hard on my side toward the mark – Jackson shouted: Old mark – Jackson just shook his head in there, it seems that Iversonís performance for very satisfied.
Iverson looks won the first round, and won very easily, Iverson-style tricks, Iverson-type cut, like a knife as fast, leaving no trace.
This time Wade got the basketball, the Heat fans immediately cheered. I also observed the action of Wade.
Just damn lucky this time Arnold asked me once: I really want to be lucky this time Arnoldís mouth smashed: Wade got the feeling and basketball are very different Iverson, Iverson had a feline grace, but Wade got the basketball more like a Standard Expanded Metal primate, though he has always been in this category.
But the long arm, crouch knee, and tilt the sexy hips, makes the first impression, he is a fellow primate. And the iconic double crotch Iverson dribble and cross-step different from the random Wade is more of the ball, breaking and more random manner.
Dwyane impression, he seems to always be able to break through, at any time to make the next move.
A bit messy, a bit squandering charming eyes, perhaps only I could feel the law of Wade, crotch, before the change to the body and turned toward the right side of the pull, a series of actions being no necessary link.
Wade Iverson just follow the steps, moving, twisting suddenly Wade a breakthrough, a real Shazhao come!
Iverson seems to be a breakthrough in the sky, the birds skimming over, Wadeís breakthrough as the water is always in the fish, chasing its tail twisting body, always drill line, twisting the body contact, speeding the body, what Wade had by Iverson, but he also got into the inside seam 76 people, but not related to basketball now in the hands of Wade, Wade seems to be once again moving in the opposite direction, like fish wriggling.
All of a sudden 76 people sewing from the drill out of them, the arrival of a breakthrough in the shape of Z word, and then easily dumped, Dwyane Wade and Allen Iverson is a first round tie.
Mark – Jackson, playing with a little gambling, but Iverson dribbled to the Heat after halftime, but did not continue their singles. But saw his chance to spread to large dog basketball Robinsonís hands.
Big Dog Robinson, the defensive player is behind Butler, Butler since entering the league after the first impression is hard body,cheap ugg shoes, excellent physical fitness. As a veteran big dog,cheap ugg boots, nature was to give Butler a little bit of color to read.

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